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Raymond Wilson Chambers (12 November 1874 – 23 April 1942) was a British literary scholar, author, and academic; throughout his career he was associated with University College London (UCL).

Poisoned Talk

by Raymond Wilson

Who killed cock robin?

I, said the worm,

I did him great harm.

He died on the branch of a withered tree

From the acid soil that poisoned me.

Who killed the heron?

I, mouthed the fish,

With my tainted flesh

I killed tern, duck and drake,

All the birds of the lake.

Who killed the lake?

I, boasted Industry,

I poisoned with mercury

Fish, plant and weed

To pamper mens’ greed.

Who killed the flowers?

I, moaned the wind,

I prowl unconfined,

Blowing acid rain

Over field, flood and fen.

Who killed the forest?

I ensured that it died,

Said sulphur dioxide.

And all life within it,

from earthworm to linnet.


Stanza 1
The worm said the acid soil poisoned it and now it had poisoned cock robin after the bird ate the worm

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                                                              cock robin

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Stanza 2
The fish said its poisoned flesh killed all the birds of the lake.
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Stanza 3
Industry (factories) said it poisoned the lake with mercury. All fish, plant and weed died because men polluted the lake.

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Stanza 4
The wind said it killed the flowers because it blew acid rain over field, flood and fen.
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Stanza 5
Sulphur dioxide (from cars and factories) said it killed the forest and everything that lived in the forest.
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1.Environmental Pollution
Men are willing to destroy our mother nature for more money and power. The factories, cars, and other vehicles release poisonous gas and substances like mercury. This pollutes the lake and the flora and fauna in it.

2.Destruction of nature.
Nature has flora and fauna. They affect one another. When the lake gets polluted, the fish that lives in it will get poisoned. When the birds eat the fishes, the birds get poisoned. Also, if the wind is polluted, it brings the poisonous gas everywhere; all plants will wither and die. In the end, it destroys our mother nature.

Moral Values
  • We must be responsible for the things we do.
  • We must take actions to stop pollution.
  • We must respect nature.
  • We must appreciate the Earth.
  • We must not be too greedy. (for money and power)
  • We must protect our environment.
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FORM THREE POEM : The Day the Bulldozers Came by David Orme

Tips for writing graphic novels from Boffin Boy author David Orme

Born 1948. Trained as a teacher. Full time writer since 1986 Has published over 300 books, including poetry collections and anthologies, fiction for children, non-fiction and teachers books. Married with two grown up children and 3 grandchidren. From January 2012 David and Helen Orme are only undertaking local school visits in Hampshire and surrounding counties.
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The Day the Bulldozers Came by David Orme 


The day the bulldozers came
Rooks were building
Crazy egg baskets in the oaks;
Green flies sizzled by the pond
And a cold-eyed toad
Waited for them.

The day the bulldozers came
Squirrels were scattering
Up tree trunks
And leapt from branches
That were hardly there.

The fox
Stirred in his sleep
As the ground trembles
    'Ha ha!' he thought
    'I'm quite safe
Deep down in the Earth
No one can get me here'
Then the bulldozers came.


Stanza 1;
The persona tells about a day when the bulldozers arrive at the forested area. The animals are going about their lives. The rooks are building their nests high on the tops of the oak trees. Green flies are buzzing about near a pond. A toad is motionless eyeing its food.

                           Image result for ROOK BUILDING ITS NEST  
                       The rooks are building their nests high on the tops of the oak trees

Image result for toad eating a fly 
A toad is motionless eyeing its food.

Stanza 2
When the bulldozers arrive, the squirrels run away quickly in every direction. Some run up tree trunks while others try to escape by jumping from one branch to another. The persona describes the branches as "hardly there". This indicates that the trees are very far apart as many have been cut down before the land can be cleared by the bulldozers.

Image result for frighten squirrels scampering on trees Image result for a dead oak tree
Squirel trying to escape by jumping from one branch to another but  the branches as "hardly there"

Stanza 3:
Tthe persona describes how the fox reacts as the bulldozers come. The fox's slumber is disturbed when the ground begins to tremble under the weight of the large heavy bulldozers. However, the fox is not worried. He mocks at the thought that the bulldozers can harm him. The fox feels that he is "quite safe" in his underground burrow, which is deep below the Earth's surface. He is certain of his safety when he says "No one can get me here". However, his sense of security is only temporary. The blade of the bulldozer can perch into the soil and reach him. We know that even the cunning fox is not safe deep in his underground burrow, when the persona says "Then the bulldozers came".

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The fox feels that he is "quite safe" in his underground burrow

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  • Conservation is important
  • Nature is fragile
  • Respect for all living things
  • Social responsibility

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  • We should take step to conserve and preserve the environment
  • We should plan for and develop infrastructure in a responsible way
  • We should always maintain a balance between development and ecosystem


1. Place
The poem is set in any forested area destined to be destroyed or cleared in the name of progress and development
The poem refers to modern times when development projects are ongoing