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Model response 1 
Based on the novel “The Railway Children” by Edith Nesbit, an event that I think most significant is when the children the children, Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis work together to prevent a train accident. 

Upon discovering a landslide at the railway track up ahead, the children try to alert an oncoming 11.29am train from crashing into the landslide. Peter who a quick-thinking suggests to use the red petticoats as flags to warn the train as he knows that red colour means dangerous. Besides, Bobbie also shows her bravery when she runs onto the railway track and waving the flags to stop the oncoming train. Fortunately, the children’s bravery and quick-thinking have save the train from being involved in a deadly accident and save the life of the train passengers. 

I think this event to be the most significant as the children have demonstrated their maturity and composure in preventing a terrible train accident. For instance, the children strain every nerve and risk their live to save the train from crashing into the landslide. In addition, the event also reveals the true nature of the children who are kind and always concern for others. Lastly, the children’s act of bravery is later honour by the train company in a special ceremony at the train station where each of them receives a gold watch. Moreover, the event also brings the children closer to the Old Gentleman. 

All in all, I find this event to be the most significant as I learned the value of bravery, kindness and always concern for others after reading it.

 Model response 2

One day, Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis saw a land slide happen right in front of their eyes. The land slide blocked the railway line below. It was already past 11 o'clock and the 11.29 train hadn't passed by yet. They wanted to alert the station but there wasn't enough time. So, they quickly came up with a plan to alert the train driver.

The girls took off their red petticoats and cut them into six pieces. They put them on to sticks. They had six red flags. They pushed two of the flags into heaps of stones between the lines. Bobbie and Phyllis each took one.Peter took the other two.They stood beside the railway line ready to wave. After a long time they heard the train coming.

The children waved their flags frantically. The train came very,very fast. Suddenly, Bobbie ran on to the line. Peter shouted at her to get back but she did not move from the line. She waved and waved her flags, shouting 'Stop, stop!' as the big black engine came towards her. Finally, the train stopped twenty meters from Bobbie. Peter and Phyllis quickly ran and told the train driver about the landslide.Bobbie froze on the tracks because of fright and just sat down on the ground.

At last the children managed to save the train from meeting with an accident.The eventful day was known as the 'red-petticoat day'. A few weeks later, they were presented with a beautiful gold watch each by the Northern and Southern Railway Company at the station. Many people were there including the people who had been on the train on the 'red-petticoat day'. The watches were as a gesture of thanks for their brave and sensible deed on the 'red-petticoat day'.

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