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Martyn Ford is a journalist, author and one of those lingiusturites who isn't afraid to make up new words. He is represented by Clare Wallace at the Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency who, in his experience, has some of the best literary tastes of any agent in all of the known universes. His debut novel, The Imagination Box, published by Faber & Faber, was released in May 2015.

During the daytime he works for the Bordon Herald where he reports on all the exciting things that occur in and around Whitehill and Bordon. It's quite simple really, he just writes down true things that happen and then it is printed in the newspaper.

He's done lots of things, but it started getting relevant in 2007 when his writing career began. He was fortunate enough to be employed as a reporter for the Post Gazette series of newspapers based in Alton, Hampshire. There he wrote for titles including the Hampshire Voice and the Alton Post Gazette.

Shortly after leaving that position he put together It Happened to Me; a true story book published by Summersdale.

Martyn is currently working on various bits and, indeed, bobs including some fiction suitable for adult humans as well as the next installment in the aforementioned imagination box series. He spends a lot of his time writing and/or thinking about writing. Sometimes he even thinks about thinking about writing, which is a special kind of procrastination.

A man was lying in the street. Three different people stopped and looked, but nobody helped him. After that a woman saw him and ran to help him. She ordered the people that were looking to bring water and call an ambulance. The man said he needs pills. At that moment the woman looked for the pills in the man's jacket and she found the pills. When they gave him a pill the ambulance arrived, but the man is okay.  The doctor recognized him, he was a famous chef. The people who were ordered by the woman, were very happy because they thought they had saved the chef.

PATRICK What's the matter with him?
REBECCA 1 don't know.
PATRICK Is he dead?
REBECCA No, he's alive, 1 think.
PATRICK Are you going ta help him?
'15 he deed?'
WOMAN Oh, be quiet!
REBECCA (To the others) Did you hear that? She said, 'Be quiet!'
WOMAN Be quiet and help.
REBECCA She said it again!
WOMAN (To David) Go and call an ambulance.
WOMAN Yes, you. And be quick.
WOMAN Be quick! (David gaes away.) Now you- (turning ta Rebecca) go and get some water.
REBECCA Where from?
WOMAN From that house over there. Don't look at me like
that. Go!
I\EBECCA l'm going. (Rebecca go es away.)
REBECCA Me? Why me?
PATRICK You were here first.
REBECCA Yes, 1 was, but-

Five Short Plays

David cornes in.
DAVID What's the matter with him?
PATRICK We don't know.
DAVID He looks ill.
REBECCA His eyes are closed. Look!
DAVID Perhaps he's asleep.
REBECCA Asleep? ln the street?
PATRICK Wake him up then.
DAVID Why me? You do it.
PATRICK (To Rebecca) What about you?
PATRICK Yes. You were here first.
REBECCA Yes, but it's not my problem.
DAVID And it's not my problem!
A woman in blue cornes in. She kneels down at once to help the man.
REBECCA Hey, what are you doing?
WOMAN l'm helping this man, of course!
DAVID Are you a doctor?
WOMAN No, l'm not, but he needs help.
REBECCA Do you know him?
WOMAN No, 1 don't.
REBECCA Then he's not your problem.
Five Short Plays
WOMAN (To Patrick) Feel his pulse.
WOMAN Go on! Feel his pulse.
PATRICK (Kneeling down and taking the man's pulse) WeIl, he's still alive. He's saying something!
WOMAN What is he saying?
PATRICK He said, 'Pills,' 1 think.
WOMAN (Ta Patrick) Pills? Look in his pocket.
PATRICK 1 can't do thar!
WOMAN Look in his pocket!
Patrick looks in the man's coat pocket.
PATRICK There's a bottle with sorne writing on it.
WOMAN What does it say? Read it!
PATRICK Ir says, 'For the heart. If you feel ill, take one of these pills.'

Five Short Plays

Rebecca comes back with a glass of water.
REBECCA l've got the water.
WOMAN Good. (To Patrick) Give him one of the pills with sorne water.
Patrick helps the man to sit up. He gives him a pill and some water.
MAN (Very quietly) Thank you, thank you!
PATRICK How do you feel?
MAN A little better now.
The u/ornan in blue goes away. The others do not see this. David comes running back.
DAVID The ambulance is coming.
DAVID How is he?
REBECCA He's feeling a little better.
A doctor and a nurse come in. Patrick stands up.
OOCTOR (Kneeling down by the man) What's the matter?
MAN 1 was ill. It was my heart. That man gave me one of my pills. l'm ail right now.
The doctor and the nurse help him to stand up.
NURSE What's your narne?
MAN Scott. Michael Scott.
DOCTOR Michael Scott, the farnous TV chef?
MAN Yes, that's right.
NURSE Come with us, Mr Scott. We'd like to take you to hospital.
MAN But 1 feeI better now.
NURSE Perhaps, but you must go to hospital.
MAN AlI right. (Turning to the others) WeIl, thank you very much, everybody.
DAVID That's aIl right.
REBECCA We're happy to help.
PATRICK Get weIl soon.
MAN Thank you again. Goodbye!

Five Short Plays

The doctor and the nurse help Scott to walk away.
REBECCA He's alive, and he's going to be OK.
PATRICK He's alive because we were here.
DA VID Michael Scott-
REBECCA The famous TV chef!
PATRICK We can aIl feel very pleased, 1 think.
REBECCA Oh yes, we cano
DAVID What about the woman?
REBECCA Which woman?
DAVID The woman who helped. Where is she?
PATRICK Oh, her! 1 remember. She didn't help us.
DAVID 'Do this, do that,' she said. 'Be quick!'
REBECCA She said, 'Be quiet,' to me.
PATRICK That's right. 1 didn't like her. Did you?
REBECCA No, 1 didn't. Where is she now?
PATRICK She walked away.
DAVID That's right - she just walked away. She didn't want to heIp.
REBECCA We did everything.
DAVID Yeah. Everything.
PATRICK Today was an important day for us.
DAVID It was. We helped someone famous.
REBECCA Because of us he didn't die.
DAVID We were there for him.
PATRICK It was the right thing ta do.
REBECCA Yes, it was. WeIl done, everybody!
DAVID (To Rebecca) And weIl done to you-
PATRICK WeIl done to aIl of us!

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