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FORM TWO POEM: What is Red by Mary O'Neil

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Mary O'Neill knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer. She began her careers an advertising copywriter, and after becoming a partner in her own agency, she moved to New York. There she divided her time, as author and housewife, and she started to write children's books for Doubleday, of which Hailstones and Halibut Bones is the most famous.Mary O'Neill, a children's book author, died of heart failure on Jan. 2 in Yuma (Ariz.) Regional Medical Center. She was 84 years old.

What is Red?

Red is a sunset
Blazing and bright.
Red is feeling brave
With all your might.
Red is a sunburn
A spot on your nose.
Sometimes red, is a red red rose.
Red squiggles out when you cut your hand.
Red is a brick
And the sounds of a band.
Red is hotness
You get inside
When you’re embarrassed
And want to hide.
Fire-cracker, fire-engine
Fire-flicker red –
And when you’re angry
Red runs through your head.

Red is an Indian
A Valentine heart,
The trimmings on
A circus cart.
Red is a lipstick
Red is a shout
Red is a signal
That says, “Watch out!”
Red is a great big
Rubber ball.
Red is the giant-est
Colour of all.
Red is a show-off,
No doubt about it –
But can you imagine
Living without it?


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The main theme of the poem "What is Red" by Mary O'Neill is how one colour can PROVOKE feelings and responses. Some of these responses are cultural ("red is a fire engine"; "red is a rubber ball") and some are real life experience ("red squiggles out when you cut your hand").
She  seems to paint the idea of the color red in every  line of her poem. The sentences are short and specific. "Red is a lipstick. Red is a shout. Red is a signal that says 'WATCH OUT'."She  repeats the specific word "red" to make impression on the colour in our grey matter. "Red" are also unpleasant colour which potrayed  embarrassment, anger and a  sunburn. The negative effects of the colour such as a show-off is mentioned and she has  no doubt about it. But can we live without red colour?"


2. Red is the warmest of all colours.
3. Positive versus Negative
4. Prosperity
5. Life and vitality

1. Bravery/Courage
2. Determination
3. Love
4. Positive attitude
5. Confidence


1. We should have a positive attitude in our daily life
2. Have self confidence in doing everything and anything
3. Be brave/courageous in facing the challenges in life
4. We must try to control our anger or temper
5. We should not be hateful towards others
6. We must try to change our bad behaviour


  1. Frankly speaking, there is no moral value within this poem, only a message. I don't think the poet meant her poem to be teaching about morals. It is the just the Malaysian exam system that forces teachers to squeeze out moral values where there is none.

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