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           1.      Time : end of Primary school and going to secondary school
           2.      Place : the place is not mentioned although three places are referred to in the story; 
                           Peter Hill Primary,  Highfields and Chesterlea Grange

Chesterlea Grange is a special school for the disabled

A. Main characters
Mum, Tristan and James

1.      Tristan : confident, caring, has initiative, open, sociable, polite, appreciative, positive outlook and adaptable.
2.      James : shy, lack of self-confidence, negative outlook, sense of responsibility, caring, adaptable.
3.      Mum : strong, determined, positive outlook, optimistic, loving, caring, observant, understanding.

Kiara Jones
 B. Minor Characters

1.      The teachers – Mr. Sewell, Mrs. Roberts
2.      Schoolmates – Jessica Parker and Kiara Jone.

1.      Exposition
The main characters, James, Tristan and Mum are introduced. We also learn more about the twins and the upcoming school play.
2.      Rising action
Both Tristan and James have mixed feelings about going to their new schools. They are worried about being separated and whether they can adapt to their new schools.
3.      Climax
The climax is the day after the school play. Tristan and James react differently to the school play. They both realize how much they depend on each other and how difficult it would be to adapt to their new schools. Tristan is not sure whether to follow James to Highfields or go to Chesterlea Grange.
4.      Falling action
First, Tristan tells his mother that he does not want to go to Chesterlea Grange. Then, James talks to him and Tristan changes his mind.
5.      Resolution
This is the ending where the twins realize that they have made the  right decision. They are both very happy in their new schools.
Learning to make a decision and making the right decision bring  happiness to Tristan.

1.      Relationship between brothers.
2.      The pain of separation.
3.      Fear of changes.
4.      Mother’s love.
5.      Adapting to new environments.
6.   Importance of being self-confident.
7.   Telling the truth about one's feelings.
Tristan love the new environments and adapt himself well at Chesterlea Grange

            MORAL VALUES
James is always at Tristan's side

           1.   Cooperation among family members

Tristan always talks to his Mum and his Mum always listens to her sons.
             2.  Understanding, patient and caring parents can build a child’s confidence  and self-esteem.

The story is told in the first person of view. It is in the form of a diary or journal. The
three  main characters give their personal points of view on the events and incidents
that occur in the story.

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