Friday, 2 March 2012


Grace be upon Allah the Almighty, with his blessings, the blog for the literature component, A Collection of Short Stories, Poems and Drama for the form 1 to Form 3 is being designed.

 The main objective for this blog is to promote the love for poems and encourage the reading habit among students in secondary schools. The aesthetic component of the secondary English Language curriculum introduces a selections of poems in hoped that the students will be stimulated to read and support the language development in line with the ministry of education aspiration to uphold Bahasa Melayu and strengthen English Language.  Creative activities and strategies such as role-play or illustrating the poem will help the students to read and enjoy these poems. Through this, literature could be more meaningful and appreciated. 

This blog is designed to assist the PMR candidates to be familiar with the new  literature  component texts  in use for PMR beginning 2011. For Bahasa Inggeris Paper 2 (12/2), Section B,  the candidates are required to read and understand 6  poems for literature component  and answer two open-ended questions. The total marks for this question is 3 marks. 

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