Tuesday, 13 March 2012


A poem is a creative form of writing which uses beautiful language or expressions. It is usually written in verse and has a series of lines separated into groups called stanzas. It is  written to convey experiences, ideas or emotions in an imaginative way. A poet writes poems using literary techniques  such as meter, metaphor and rhyme. A poem can evoke awe, inspire action or just make you think about an idea.

A poem :-
1. Uses word pictures to build impressions and creates images.
2. Plays with the sound of words and the rhythm of the phrases.
3. Meant  to revealed the poet's feelings.
4. May stir up deep feelings in readers.
5. Uses the sounds of language in a special way.
6. Uses fewer words than prose to express ideas.
7. Intended to be read aloud.


1. Ballad - a long singing poem which tells a story.
2. Elegy -  a lyrical poem to commemorate the  dead.
3. Epigram - a brief but witty poem.
4. Free verse - there is no identifiable metre but the lines may have a rhyme scheme.
5. Lyric - a poem that expresses powerful feelings.
6. Narrative verse - a poem that tells a story.
7. Sonnet - a fourteen-line poem.

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