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  Black Beauty

Black Beauty is the narrator of the story, a handsome black horse with one white foot and a star on his forehead. He is of a fine breeding. He is a well-behaved and good-tempered horse. He begins his career as a carriage horse for wealthy people but when he "breaks his knees" and develops scars on his knees after a bad fall  he is no longer considered presentable enough and is put too much harder work. Being a determined and patient horse he bears the pain. He bears the pain of using a checkreins at Earshall Park for four month too. He is caring and concerned horse as  he always advices Merrylegs and Ginger not to behave badly as they could be sent away by their master and possibly get unkind masters in the future.  He passes through the hands of a series of owners, some cruel, some kind. He always tries his best to serve humans despite the circumstance.



Duchess is Black Beauty's mother. She is a horse of fne breeding. She pulls a wagon for Farmer Grey. Duchess is loving and sensible. She teaches Black Beauty good manners and encourages Beauty to be good from a young age. She advices him that the better he acts, the better he will be treated.


A companion of Beauty's at Birtwick Park, she is named for her chestnut colour and her habit of biting. She is Black Beauty’s friend and carriage partner at Birtwick Park and Earshall Park. Ginger is a more aggressive horse due to her traumatic upbringing.  Ginger is a rebellious horse. She becomes angry when Beauty takes her stall at Birtwick Park. She was moved to another stall because she bit the stable boy. As time went by, Ginger learns to work together with Black Beauty at Birtwick Park. She also fights against the use of checkreins at Earshall Park. As Beauty meets Ginger for the last time as broken-down cab horses in London, and later a cart with a dead horse  of whom Beauty believes is Ginger, passes by Beauty.


A short, dappled grey, handsome pony who is polite to humans and horses alike.He is Black Beauty friend and stable mate at Birtwick Park. He is a playful horse. Merrylegs throws Mr. Bloomfield’s sons off while they are riding him. He is ridden by the young daughters at Birtwick Park.


Captain is an old London cab horse who pulled a cab with Black Beauty. He used to belong to a soldier who fought in a war. He is a proud horse. Captain likes to tell Balck Beauty about the time his master was killed while fighting in the war.


Max is Black Beauty carriage partner at Earlshall Park after Ginger is taken away. He is a patient horse. Max endures the pain of the checkreins at Earlshall Park.


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