Friday, 27 April 2012


In a cottage in a village in a small country, Lisa has been baking. Her mother and father are very proud of her. They are always telling people how clever she is and all the wonderful things she can do.

Write a suitable dialogue  between Lisa's  father and mother . You can refer to the text book for answer.

The King comes into the cottage. Mother cuts a slice of pie and gives  it to him.

What do you think the King, Father and Mother will say? Write out the dialogue.

In the nursery, Lisa holds the baby. The little man enters. Rumpelstiltskin  gives a great cry of rage and stamps his feet.

Refer to the text book and write out a suitable dialogue for this situation.

Lisa's Father and mother begin to regret what they have told the  King.

King: If you're telling the truth, she's nothing to fear, but if not......

Based on the dialogue above, describe the King's character traits.

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  1. My form two Rancangan Khas students last year enjoyed the lesson very much.