Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The  persona talks about the river as it flows through valleys and hills. It is always moving as it winds its way  to the plains it twists and turns. Along the way, the river keeps whatever it collects. The river makes sounds that are peculiar or special only to it. The river moves happily on and it sings and dances. Its song can be heard by the people whose places it passes through. But, the river is a trouble maker for it can bring down trees and is the cause of floods.

The river a  natural phenomenon and part of the physical features of earth. It moves from its source to its mouth and journeys non-stop through hills and valleys. As it travels, it twist and turns and goes where it likes. Along the way, the river inadvertently collects things and these stay in the river bed. As it moves over lowlands, the water gurgles with a happy sound. At steep drops where thee is a waterfall, the water moves or dances swiftly and falls with a loud roar that echoes through the valley. But, the river can cause erossion by pulling down trees and creating floods.

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