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The setting in Black Beauty tells us the time and place of the story. It takes place in the mid1800s during the Victorian England era. The social setting refer to the time span or period in which the story took place. Thus, it was the era where the society was divided into upper class, middle class and working class. It was time when good breeding, appearances and position in society were given high importance. The upper class society owned horses which pulled their carriages. As with their own appearances, they were concerned about how their homes, farms and horses looked. To maintain their status and to be accepted among their peer outer appearances is considered of utmost important. Even, Duchess (Beauty's mother) places importance on good breeding, good manners and good behaviour. She reminds Black Beauty that he is not like the other colts in Farmer Grey's farm. He is a good breeding and it shows because he has good manners and behave well even while playing with the other colt on the farm. The story takes place in the 19th century when people  used horses as their main means to get around. Cars did not exist then, they were not even invented yet. Horses were use to carry goods as well as passengers from one place to another. 

The physical setting focuses on the places or locations where all the events in the story take place. The story Black Beauty takes place in England.

1. Farmer Grey's meadow 

Black Beauty first home, where he lived with his mother, Duchess.

2. Birtwick Park 

Black Beauty second home, where he works as a carriage horse and has a good life here.

3. Earlshall Park
Black Beauty's third home, where he also works as a carriage  horse but undergoes hardship as he is forced to use checkreins.

4. The stable at Jerry's farm and the busy streets in London.

Black Beauty works as a cab horse for three years and is well looked after Jerry.

5. Farmer Thoroughgood's country

The place where Black Beauty spends  his time before being sent to the ladies' farm

6. Miss Ellen and the ladies' farm

Black Beauty final home, where he happily spends his final days. 


1. Exposition
The main character, Black Beauty is introduced. We find out about his first home and mother. Next, we learn about his training and becoming a work horse. Later, he is sold and we learn how he leads a happy life at Birtwick Park. His owners and coachman and the groom are kind. Furthermore he meets new friends Merrylegs and Ginger.

2. Rising action
Black Beauty mistress falls ill and he helps to save her life when he gets the doctor from town. The Gordons are advised by the doctor to move to a warmer place for the sake of Mrs. Gordon health. Black Beauty and Ginger are sold to Earlshall Park where his life changed. He is forced to wear checkrein which are painful and always mistreated. Here he has unkind and cruel owners.

3. Climax
Reuben Smith rides Black Beauty one night causing him to fall. He suffers knees damaged. Smith dies and he is sold  as a job horse once he is healed. Hence, he continue to suffer with owners who do not know about driving horses or caring or them.

4. Falling action
After being sold many times, he is bought by a cab driver Jerry. He is taken back to England as a cab horse. Jerry is a kind man and he cares for him well but the work is still hard. After three years as a cab horse, he is bought by a gentleman farmer.

5. Resolution
The gentle man farmer takes Black Beauty to several ladies who need a horse. They decide to keep Black Beauty. Here, Black Beauty meets Joe Green. It is happy ending for him. He spends his final days living happily with Miss Ellen and the ladies.

The story is told by the horse himself. He talks about his life. It is an autobiographical of a horse.  The story allows the readers to  empathy with the plight of horses during Victorian England. The story gives a voice to these animals which in most cases were mistreated.

The story is told in a comic style. The language used is simple and easy to understand. New terms and vocabulary specific to horses and their working world is used in narrating the story.

1. Mistreatment of horses

   the use of  checkrein 

pushed a horse to its limit, making it work even when they knew the horse is weak

2. Compassion towards animals

1. Be kind and humane to animals.
2. Be responsible for the animals under your care.
3. Be hardworking and act selflessly.
4. Be on your best behaviour and respectful to others.

1. Compassion towards animals.
2. Responsibility towards animals.
3. Diligence.
4. Respectful.