Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A Fighter's Lines by Marzuki Ali

I am old and worn
and have lost all my strength
and the history of the fight for independence
have forced sacrifices
that know no name
or life
from the wheelchair of the rest of my days
I, body and energy crushed
see and cannot do much
these times are too big a challenge
for the remnants of my crippled years
the net of deceit spread everywhere
disturbs me
In the name of justice
Wake up and form ranks sons of our ancestor
Be brave
And erect a wall of people
Stand up heirs of our freedom
I have no more voice
It is you now who should speak!


  • Worn /w    rn/ : the past participle of wear.
  • Independence /   nd    pend   ns/ : political freedom from control by the government of another country.
  • Remnants /remn   nts/ : a small parts of something that remains after the rest of it has been used.
  • Crippled / kr  p  lt /: who is unable to walk properly because their legs are damaged or injured.
  • Deceit / d  s   t/ : behavior that is intended to make someone believe something  that is not true.
  • Erect /   rekt/ : in a straight upright position.
  • Heirs /er/ : the person who has the legal right to receive the property or title of another person when they die.

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