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The Form Two Kelas Rancangan Khas Students

Drama comes from the Greek word dran which means to do or to act. A play is divided into a number of scenes made up of dialogues, speech, lines, stage an directions. Scenes are part of an act. An act may be made up of several scenes. The writer of a play is called a playwright. The cast consists of people who perform or the actors. Drama is a story that is told in front of an audience.

1.      Literary element
·         Script
·         Plot
·         Character
·         Setting
·         Dialogue/Monologue
·         Conflict
·         Symbols
·         Theme
2.      Technical element
·         Scenery (set)
·         Costumes
·         Props
·         Sound
·         Music
·         Make-up
3.      Performance
·         Acting
·         Speaking
·         Non-verbal expressions

These are the people who are engaged in acting out the plot.
The main characters are the characters that come into view most in the play.
Lisa a young girl who lives in a cottage with her parents She could bake well. Her parents are very proud ofher and they often brag about her. She feels hopeless when the King expect her to spin all the straw into gold. Lisa is an obedient daughter and follows her parents orders.

Rumpelstiltskin is a small man with a pointed nose. He poses magical powers as he could spin straw into gold. He could also climb the walls of a high tower and get to Lisa. Manipulative as he takes advantage of Lisa’s difficulty to get to keep her first-born child. Sympathetic as he gives Lisa another chance to keep her baby by giving her a riddle to solve.

 Father and Mother are boastful as they speak so greatly about their daughter’s cleverness. Rather foolish when they think that they could trick the King into believing that Lisa could spin straw into gold. Doting and proun grandparents to their grandson. Selfless when they actually followed the little man ito the woods to try and help Lisa solve the riddle.

 The King is a greedy king who seizes the chance to own more wealth even when the idea of spinning straw into gold is impossible. Inhumane as he could easily lock up an innocent young girl in a tower. Cruel when he threatens to behead Lisa for something that is impossible to do.

The dialogue in a drama is carefully written by the playwright. It is written in such a way so that the characters would seem to come alive and the event would seem realistic.
The drama that is acted out depends entirely on the playwright’s success in bringing the caharacters to life. The actors then have to adopt the role well and act it out so that what is said and done would seem to be real or close to reality.

Rumpelstiltskin is a melodrama where the protagonist is normally the victims of circumstances. A melodrama has a strict sense of moral judgement and all matters are resolved in the end in a clear way. The good characters will be rewarded and the bad characters receive their punishment in a way that suits the crime they commit.


 Narrator: In a cottage, in a small country Lisa has been baking. Her mother and father are very proud of her. They are always telling  people how clever she is and all the wonderful things she can do.
(Lisa  is  busy serving  the apple pies.)
Mother:  (mother enters,  put her hands around her shoulders and  looks at Lisa ) Oh, Lisa, what lovely thing you’ve made. You’re really brilliant. All fit for a King to eat.
Father:  (father enters  and stands besides mother, smiling looking at the audience  ) When the King comes to the village today, I’m going to tell him how clever you are.
Guards : (Sounds of trumpet) The King is here! The King is here!
Mother : Quick Lisa, see if the King is coming (Lisa goes to the window and looks out.) (mother stands behind Lisa holding her shoulder) I hope he visits us so I can show him all the wonderful things you’ve made.
Lisa : Mother, look, the King has stopped at our gate. ( mother quickly walks and stands in front of  Lisa and  father moves forward)
Father : I bet he can smell your cooking. ( father quickly rushes to Lisa’s side)
King: Guards!  (guards rush to the king’s side and bow )  I smell apple pie – my favourite.
Mother:  (mother moves forward to the King) Oh! please your  majesty, come and try a slice.  ( mother shows  a plate of apple pie to the King)
King: ( King follows the smell of the apple pie, sits on a chair,  mother puts the pies on the table and  the king eats greedily as he licks his fingers ) Mmmmm! Scrumptious! Delicious! Who made it?
Father: (Clumsily  enters and moves towards the King) My daughter Lisa (point to Lisa . Lisa looks at the King and smile)  made it and  she is the cleverest girl in the world. ( Lisa looks nervous)
Narrator: As the King wants to make a move, Lisa’s mother and father praise Lisa.
Mother: My daughter can do everything. ( standing besides Lisa and holding her arm and shoulder)
Father :  (thinking and  then runs after the king) Stop! Stop! My daughter  can spin straw into gold.
 ( Background music)
Lisa :  What ! Please you Majesty don’t listen to them. He is  only joking. (Lisa looked  worried and scared)
Narrator :  Lisa whispers to her mother and says that she knows that no one can spin straw into gold. But the King suddenly becomes greedy.
King:  My Kingdom is not very rich and I love gold. You must return with me to the palace and if you really can turn straw into gold you’ll be rewarded. But (  background music ) if not, I shall cut off  your head. (background music.)
Lisa : (crying ) But.. but your Majesty  nobody can spin straw into gold.
Mother : (worries) We are only joking your Majesty.
Narrator: The King isn’t listening and looks very  angry. He calls the  guard. ( Guards enter and begin to escort   Lisa off stage. Lisa cries and calls out for his father and   mother. )
King: Take her away and lock her up in the tower.(  leave the stage)( put straw on the desk) (king reenters ) The King walking alone and thinking)
King : If  it is true….  (pick a straw ) Gold from straw ( holds a straw) I will be rich ( laugh greedily) . Guards ! bring the spinning wheel and straw quick. (Guards  enter and  bring in the spinning wheel and straw on stage.)
Narrator: That night in a high tower  Lisa is crying. (Lisa enters)
(Lisa touches  the straw and spinning wheel and sits down on the floor and puts her head on the stool)  (background voice of the King … you’re such a clever girl that’s what I’m told and you can spin straw to gold. If not I’ll cut off your head)
Lisa: (Crying ) I will die tomorrow
Narrator : Suddenly there is a scratching noise and a strange little man with  a long pointed nose climbs  through the window.  ( background music)
Rumpelstiltskinstilskin:  ( enters with  a sack)Why are you crying?
Lisa: (frightens ) My father told the King I can spin straw to gold. Now he King will cut off my head. (crying )
(background music… evil laugh)
Rumpelstiltskin: Don’t cry. I will help you if you give me your necklace (pointing to Lisa’s necklace. Lisa takes her necklace and gives it to RumpleRumple laughs full of evil. (background music)Now, Sleep! (Sound of spinning wheel)
Narrator: The next morning ( crow crowing , Rumpelstiltskin quickly leaves the stage) , Lisa wakes up to find a heap of shinning gold instead of the heap of straw.
King: (Enters and claps his hand happily)  So you can spin straw to gold.
Lisa: Can I go home now? (Lisa bows and asks the King)
King: No! I need  more gold. Guard! (  guards enter and bow )  take her to a bigger tower and bring more straw ! (king leaves the stage )   (Lisa starts to cry)(  guards enter  with more straw and put the sack on the floor. ) (both guards leave the stage)(Lisa alone on stage crying)
Narrator: The King takes Lisa to a bigger room filled with straw. On the second night, the strange little man helps her  in exchange of Lisa’s  pretty ring . The King fells happy but becomes greedier.
Lisa:  (King enters happily)Can I go home today?( Lisa bows and asks the King)
King:  I need more gold (King talks to the audience). Tonight is the last night.  (the King turns and looks at Lisa)If  you can spin  all the straw into gold then I will make you my Queen. Guard, bring  more straw. ( Guards enter with  straw and leave the stage)
Narrator : The King goes away ( king leaves the stage. Lisa remains on stage and sits besides the spinning wheel)
 (Lisa touches  the straw and spinning wheel and sits down on the floor and puts her head on the stool)  (background voice of the King … you’re such a clever girl that’s what I’m told and you can be my queen if you spin straw to gold)
Lisa: I’ve nothing to give to the little man tonight. I will die tomorrow (crying )
Narrator: Lisa hears her mother and father shouting for her,  (Lisa, Lisa.Lisa)(Lisa  quickly stands up) (father and mother enter) She looks out and sees them.  She sadly tells them what happened. She tells them about the little man.
( Lisa holds mother’s hands. Father stands besides mother)
Mother : Don’t worry.  Tell him you’ll give him something when you get home.(mother faces Lisa)
Father : Promise him whatever  he asks. Don’t worry.(father talks to Lisa sadly) (father and mother  wave to Lisa and sadly leave the stage)(Lisa on stage alone)
Narrator: That night in a high tower  Lisa is crying.
(Lisa touch the straw and spinning wheel and sits down on the floor and puts her head on the stool)  (background voice of the King … you’re such a clever girl that’s what I’m told and you can be my queen if you spin straw to gold . Father and mother voice .. promise him whatever  he asks 3 X)
Rumpelstiltskin :  (enters and laughs) Crying again? (Lisa crying) Dry your tears! (Rumpel  gives her a handkerchief) I’ll help you if you promise to give me your first-born child when you are queen.( Laughs)
Narrator: Lisa thinks hard ( background voices  of father and mother  : promise him whatever he asks)  and she agrees.
Lisa: I promise. Yes, I promise. (Lisa leaves the stage) (Sound of spinning wheel with Rumpelstiltskin on stage)
Narrator: In the morning  (crow crowing)(Rumpelstiltskin leaves the stage)( Lisa enters) the King comes  (smiling and laughing) in delight.
King: (Walks towards Lisa smiling) I’m going to marry you and you’ll be my queen. You  and your  parents can live at the palace forever.
Narrator: Lisa forgets all about her promise  to the little strange man. A year passes and the King and Lisa have a baby son.   (parents enter) (Lisa and her parents are  playing with her baby ) suddenly… (  Rumpelstiltskin enters background music ) the little man appears.
Rumpelstiltskin: Remember me? (laughs full of evil) I want to take your baby. (laughs)
Lisa: ( Cries) No! No! No! you can’t take my baby. I can give you gold but not my baby. (Lisa holds her baby  and Rumpelstiltskin comes close. Father and mother are shocked)
Rumpelstiltskin: I have plenty of gold.  I don’t want any more gold (looks fierce) but I love riddle( looks happy). Yes, riddle. You must answer my riddle in three days. If your answer is right, you may keep your son. If  not (evil laughs) the baby’s is mine.(laughs)
Lisa: What is the riddle? ( stands facing Rumpelstiltskin  while holding the baby)
Rumpelstiltskinstilskin: (Rumpelstiltskin talks to the audience) Just guess my name. (turns and looks at Lisa fiercely) Each day you can have 3 guesses. ( leaves the stage with evil laughs)
Narrator: Mother and father regretted. On the first  and second  day,  her guesses were wrong. On the second day as the little man leaves the palace father and mother follow him into the jungle. (Father and mother follow Rumple) It was  night and dark but father and mother can see the little man dancing around  a small fire.
Rumpelstiltskin:  (Rumpelstiltskin dances and singing) Wife and family I have none. But tomorrow I’ll have the King’s own son. Tricks and riddles are my game, Rumpelstiltskin is my name. (laughs)
Nararator: Father and mother creep away  quietly.  The following  day the little man enters the nursery happily.
Rumpelstiltskinstilskin:  (laughs) Now, Little Queen. ( Rumpelstiltskin laughs) ( Lisa holds the baby and the baby cries) You have three guesses left.
Father: I bet it’s Jason. (Rumpelstiltskin  no…..laughs and dances)
Mother: Is it Oliver?  (Rumpelstiltskin  no… no….laughs and dances)
Lisa: I know! (Rumpelstiltskin stops dancing and looks hard  at Lisa) It’s Rumpelstiltskinstilskin!
(Rumpelstiltskin  gives a cry of rage and stamps his feets.)
Rumpelstiltskin: You cheated (3X)
Lisa: Go away and don’t ever  come back.
Narrator: Rumpelstiltskin looks at  Lisa , father and mother. He stamps hard on the floor and he goes right through it. (Rumple leaves the stage shouting wildly.)
Lisa: Father and mother, how can I thank you?
Mother : You don’t have to. It was our fault.
Father: We have learnt our lesson. We’ll never boast again. We have a great daughter and the best grandson. ( looks at the baby ( sounds of baby laughing)

The end.

SMK Iskandar Shah  took part in a sketch competition held by PPD Perak Tengah   for the new literature component last year   and came out as the second runner-up. Congratulations to all my students.


  1. A heartiest congratulation and gratitudes from me to those involved in the sketch and drama last year. Being the champion for the Kelas Rancangan Khas (Perak Tengah) sketch competition and representing Perak Tengah in the Kelas Rancangan Khas State Level sketch competition is an awesome experiences for us.Then, being the second runner-up in the English Drama Competition was a sweet memory too. Thank you everbody.

  2. teacher , im syafiq . can you write again the script of choral speaking that you have do about hostel 5 years ago . i miss that moment !