Monday, 16 April 2012



In the poem Leisure the persona talks about taking time  to look around and notice the beauty of little things around us. What good is life if we do not take time to stand or look at what is happening around us? Life should not be busy all the time. We should slow down and look at nature and appreciate it. We should take advantage of the little time we have in life and pay attention to the little things.

Life should not be about working that we have no time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. We are so caught up with our work routine and mundane schedule that we do not know how to break away. We should slow down and take a look at things around us because life goes by fast and we on not want to miss a thing. Sometimes, the mind should be free from work related stress so that we can enjoy the beauty of the little pleasures of life. We all get so caught up in the ways of the world that we become emotionally blind to what is actually going on. We focus so much on the things that bring us trouble and not enough time on what makes us happy. Life becomes meaningless if we do not learn to set aside time for ourselves and our families.

The poet says that life should not be so full of work that we have no time to relax. We should take time to stand underneath a tree and look at the surroundings. When we pass the woods, look out for small creatures as they run in and out of the grass. Take time to look at how the water glimmers in the sunlight. If we take time to look at the beauty of nature, we will realize  how much we are missing. Life is poor emotionally if we do not have time to look at and enjoy our surroundings.

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