Thursday, 26 April 2012


1. Who do you think the persona is? 
A former army (1 mark)

2. Identify two phrases which indicate that the persona is weak.
(a) lost all my strength (1 mark)
(b) body and energy crushed (1 mark)

3. What did he fight for? 
He fought for independence (1 mark)

4. Suggest two ways how we can show our gratitude to the independence fighters.
(a) Armed  Forces Day  (1 mark)
(b) Military Awards (1 mark)

5. What disturbs the persona? 
The corruption/lies/bribery(1 mark)

6. Suggest two ways to avoid being deceived by others.
(a) Be united (1 mark)
(b) Stop corruption (1 mark)

7. State two pieces of advice given by the persona to the present generation.
(a) Be united (1 mark)
(b) Fight for justice (1 mark)

8. Suggest two ways to preserve our country’s independence.
 (a) Be united (1 mark)
 (b) Fight for justice (1 mark)

9. What does the persona mean by “I have no more voice”? 
He is old, weak and has lost all his strength (1 mark)

10. To whom does the word "you" in the last line refer?
the young generation /the young people/the present generation/youths of today (1 mark) 

11. State two lessons you have learnt from the poem.
i. We must be patriotic.
ii. We must fight corruption.

12. In Stanza 4, what does ' you should speak" mean?
The young generation must fight for justice/ fight corruption/stop bribery/ stop injustice/stop lies/stop deceits/

13. In Stanza  1 what does' forced sacrifices' mean?
the fight for independence where many people were injured and died

14. In Stanza 3, what does the sons of our ancestor" mean?
the young generation/ the future generation/ the youths of today/the youngsters of today

15. What does the persona is wheelchair bound?
he is crippled/ disabled/handicapped

PT 3 2014
Set 1 : Leisure
a. What does the phrase full of care refer to?
It refers life full of worries and responsibilities.

b. In stanza 5, what is nature being compared to?
A maiden/beauty lady dancing

c. according to the poem, what kind of life are we living?
A meaningless life

d. Do you think we should make time to stand and stare? Give a reason for your response?
Yes. We can spent time with our family and friends.

Set 2
Heir Conditioning
a. In stanza 1. what has replaced paper fans?
air cons

b. In stanza 2, who said...we lived before your age"?
Gandfather  and grandmother/ grandparents/Grand dad and grandma

c. Based on stanza 2, what is happening to the forests,streams and hills?
Destroyed/cleared for development

d. Can you live without modern inventions?Give a reason for your answer.
No. I do not have any  experiences living without air cons.

 Set 3
The River
a. Why does the poet say that the river is a wanderer?
always moves and flows

b. In stanza 3, what is the River compared to?

c. The sound of water can be heard from afar. Which word in Stanza 5 indicates that?

d. The river helps man in many ways. State two ways.
i.. gives us water
ii. provides us fish

PT3 2015
Set 1 : I Wonder
a. In stanza 1, which element can be felt but not seen?

b. In Stanza 3, what does the phrase "the missing bits" refer to?
the missing bit/of the moon/crescent

c. Which element of nature is described as being and light?

d. Imagine you were the persona and curious about something. State two ways to look for information you need.
i. using search engine
ii. read books and  magazines

Set 2 : Mr Nobody
a. In Stanza 1, what is the 'funny little man' compared to?

b. In stanza 2, what words means ' partially open'?

c. In Stanza 4, the boots are lying around the house. Where do you think they should be kept?
shoe rack

d. State two lesson you have learnt from the poem.
i. be responsible
ii. be honest

Set 3: A Fighter's Lines
a. What did the persona do for his country?
fought for independence

b. In Stanza 1, how does the persona feel?

c. In Stanza 3, what does 'form of ranks' mean?
Be united

d. State two other ways you can show your love for you country?
i. We must stop corruption.
ii. We must fight for justice.


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