Monday, 30 April 2012


1.      Farmer Grey

Farmer Grey is Beauty's first owner, a good kind man who trains him well. He broke in and trained Black Beauty well.

2.      Squire Gordon and Mrs Gordon

Squire Gordon was  Black Beauty second owner. He was a kind and responsible man. He was very appreciative and thankful to Black Beauty when he brought the doctor in time to save his wife’s life. He lives in Birtwick Park. He has  to sell Beauty when he leaves the country because of his wife's illness. Mrs.  Gordon was Squire Gordon’s wife. She named Black Beauty. When she fell ill, she was advised by the doctor to move to a place with a warmer climate to improve her health.

4.      James

He is John’s  assistant at Squire Gordon's. He leaves to work as a coachman.

5.      Joe Green

He is  a kind boy who replaces James at Squire Gordon's hall. Beauty becomes seriously ill when he doesn't put a blanket on Beauty after Beauty was exhausted from a long gallop.

6.      Lord Earlshall and Lady Earlshall

They purchases Beauty and Ginger from Squire Gordon. They lives in Earlshall Park. Lord Earlshall  is kind to the horses. Lady Earlshall demands that Beauty and Ginger wear bearing reins to hold their heads up high. When York tries to comply with the Lady’s order Ginger lashes out, kicking everything around her.

7.      Mr. York

Mr York was the  coachman at Earlshall Park. He treats the horses kindly. He knew that checkrein were bad for the horses. However, he had no choice but to obey his mistress.

8.      Reuben Smith

He is a first rate driver who  then rides Beauty back to Earlshall Park. Due to a loose nail in Beauty's shoe, which Reuben was too drunk to care about, Beauty's shoe comes off. Reuben then makes Beauty gallop over sharp stones injuring Beauty's hoof and causing him to stumble. Beauty falls and scrapes his knees, while Reuben is flung off Beauty and dies from the impact.

9.      Farmer Thoroughgood

Farmer Throughgood is a  kind owner who cares for Black Beauty when he is at his weakest. He and Willie see Black Beauty looking tired and weak ata a horse sale. He feels sorry for him and takes  him back to the farm and cares for him. He showed him to some ladies who wanted a horse.

10.  The three ladies

Here is Beauty's final home where he spends the rest of his days very well treated by three kind ladies. One of the Miss Ellen  is a very good horse rider. Joe is the coachman for the three ladies. He recognises Beauty as the horse that used to belong to Squire Gordon.



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